Coming-Out Celebration

This weekend, I did a disco as a celebration for a guy who got divorced.

Now it’s a bit of a weird thing to have a party for, but off I went with an air of time to party, and I’m just the guy for the job.
It turns out the disco was a coming out event for the guy, and as if that wasn’t crazy enough the star of the evening came dressed in a long dark wig, huge boobs (fake obviously), short black dress and heels joined by a small group of friends in fancy dress. WOW wasn’t expecting that!

The music for the night was a mixed bag of 70s to present day with a helping of glam rock thrown in for good measure.

OH nearly forgot the most important track…Freddie Mercury I Want To Break Free.
A good night was had by all. It just goes to show, no event is too strange – we provide entertainment for any type of evening!