Wedding at Tannington Hall

Wedding for Bridget and Ben

Firstly, what a fantastic venue; the newly opened stables at Tannington Hall, Suffolk has everything you could ever wish for in a classy venue with a great equine theme, and even the odd tractor or farm machine cleverly positioned in the roof of the barn.
The barn itself is huge and able to take the largest of functions, complete with a fantastic mezzanine floor which is great for observing if you don’t feel like a dance.

And to top it all, the bars are big and well staffed by very enthusiastic polite people who make you feel they enjoy the job and are pleased to be of service.

I shared my night with the band whose name evades me (sorry band, you were great, but so was I….LOL).






I hope all is well and married life is as good as I think it will be for the both of you.

P.S. If anyone can send me any extra pics and stuff you can email me on  Thanks in advance.