Smelly Horses

Having just got myself very smelly outside with the neds, I shall now impart my thoughts on why the gelding is worse than the mare. Please feel free to confirm this if you wish….

Right – firstly for those who don’t know, a mare is a female horse. See pic below (blue rug), better known as Shaliffah. Whereas a gelding is a male horse (sort of);  in short a male horse that’s had the old happy sack taken care of (I would make slicing sounds if I could).

Now when you muck out a mare I’m sure she enters her stable, takes a look around and thinks “ahhh that looks great, I shall lay down and enjoy that.”
The Gelding has a different approach. For the gelding. please check picture below (red rug) otherwise known as Phillias Rahmoon or Loui for short. He walks into the stable, takes a look around and with a snort of delight thinks “hey, somebody’s cleaned out my toilet! I think I’ll just… Ahhhhhh oohhhhh yes that’s better.”

Have most likely left myself open to typical male comments, but had to get it of my chest.

Horse red rug




Oh and if you have seen You’ve Been Framed, there’s a cat that does a ninja thing every time the bloke looks away… Well I found a ninja bird. Every time I looked away then looked back it got closer.

Bird Bird2