DIY and wasps

OH MY GOD not DJ talk here, just general talk.

Work on my roof just took a turn for the worst!!! Doing a bit of painting, prep, rubbing down of wood etc. See a wasp building a nest under finest Scottish slate. Hmm no probs – fly and wasp spray to the rescue.  This will fix your waggon you wascaly wasp (Elma fudd bugs bunny ref).

That’s when I count not one but err two. That’s cool, just two. Or three. Four, five, sixteen… OH CRAP! Enter the girlie scream. I have no idea where it came from but it came. So did the wasps and by wasps I mean it could only be described as A CLOUD.

I left my window open so I hope you get a different buzz out of this than I d0 but I think they have moved into my bedroom.

DIY my arse. In the immortal words of the now defunked tellytubbys, “RUN AWAY!!!!”

And don’t try it again. Until next time.