21st Birthday Party

The party: 21st birthday

The venue: for the second week running was the Carmelite Hotel, Stirling Street, Aberdeen.
A beautiful hotel on a cobbled street in the old town, a touch of class; very clean and well presented, love the old revolving door taking you in to a really comfy lounge bar with a pianist to enhance the already nice atmosphere. Very friendly staff.

First off may I say that if I felt pretty old and knackered when I got there it just got worse as one by one the guests arrived, looking fantastic. Still never mind, a DJ can still hide behind the kit, so on with the show and on with a massive response to my invite to fill out the request books and bring them to me. Just about every genre you could wish for!

Loved the evening and had a great time, but I don’t think I have ever seen anybody bounced about as much as poor Ellen for Loch Lomond. Wow what a send off!

Anyhoo just remains to say thanks for the experience, I loved every bit – it’s always good to entertain a fun group of party animals.